Google for Jobs: overview

Google for Jobs - not a job exchange

First of all: Google for Jobs is not a job exchange. Rather, G4J offers a platform, similar to a price comparison portal, for job advertisements. Strictly speaking, the page is not a page and does not even have its own URL or landing page. And Google internally is only spoken of “job search via Google”. Sounds complicated? Is not it. The principle still works entirely in Google style: the searcher enters a term and Google spits out the corresponding hits. With Google for Jobs it works the same way, only: "Job", "Profession", "Job advertisement", etc. and a place must be included in the search query. Instead of the normal snippets for job exchanges and portals, a box has been displayed since the job function was launched. In terms of color, this box is also highlighted in the typical Google blue.

Only then will further snippets be displayed. So if you enter a search term with a job reference, you have little chance of getting past the box without at least taking a look or at least deliberately scrolling down. Buttons with various job exchanges such as Monster, StepStone or indeed are displayed above the blue box. These are (in most cases) no partners of Google and are therefore not shown in the direct search results. However, if you click on one of the buttons, corresponding jobs can be found on the respective portals.

What can you find on Google for Jobs?

The structure of the job search interface is very reminiscent of the displays of the flight or hotel search via the colorful search engine. Accordingly, when searching for a job, there are partners who are listed in the search results. In Germany, the business networks LinkedIn and XING are official launch partners and are thus listed in the results. Clicking on the job advertisement brings the search to the detail page and can use it to apply for the job.

In addition, Google's job search also has an intelligent algorithm that learns with the help of AI. If you have already searched a few times, the job search also offers job advertisements with creative job titles or job advertisements with similar specifications. This is particularly helpful for jobs with various names or if you have just looked for something inaccurate or simply do not know the correct job title.

What functions does the job search offer?

In addition to displaying the job advertisements, the job search also offers some practical features that make it easier for the searcher to find the right job advertisement. First of all, Google offers a radius search. Known as “jobs nearby”, you can set a certain radius and thus exclude all unsuitable ads directly. In addition, you can even search for specific streets or neighborhoods and then adjust the radius accordingly. Job seekers who particularly like to travel can also use the “Anywhere” filter.

In addition to the radius, the job search function also offers a salary estimate for the respective job advertisement. These are based on data from portals such as salary or Glassdoor and are aggregated from there and given on average. The individual salary ranges are clustered according to the respective portals and thus offer the possibility to provide a fairly reliable salary estimate.

Another new feature is the ability to search for remote jobs. However, this feature has a small catch: The search only works if the ad has been marked accordingly. Since the concept of remote work is not yet so pronounced in this country, there are correspondingly few advertisements.

And how do I apply now?

Applying for the jobs found is very easy. Each ad has blue buttons in the upper area. If you click on the buttons, the searcher is directed directly to the respective portal on which the job advertisement is placed. In concrete terms, this means for companies: The advertisement is only displayed once (even if it is placed on several portals) and the applicant can choose which portal to use if in doubt. But: There is also the possibility of placing the job advertisement on your own career page and thus also appearing in the results. This not only generates applicants but also traffic on your own website.

For this, however, attributes have to be fulfilled and maintained in order to meet the specifications of the job search and to appear in the results in the first place. We have put together an overview of attributes on our blog.

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Pubblicato il 26.09.2019
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